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Supporting Veterans on Campus

Hosts Keith and Renee speak with Ross Bryant, Director of Veterans Services and James Taylor, the Program Coordinator for a newer program called “Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership” or VITAL. Both Ross and James are veterans working to help provide veterans students with an ample amount of resources and support here at UNLV. Discover the importance of the VITAL program, and better understand the difficulties veterans face after serving our country.

Social Justice, Advocacy and Resources for Black/African American Students

This episode hosts Keith and Renee are joined by UNLV’s Black/African-American Program Coordinator, Egypt Howards with UNLV Student Diversity and Social Justice. Egypt discusses the growing need for mental health support in the black community, and how she is amplifying black voices, here on campus. The group also discusses the importance of advocacy, leadership, and leading with empathy.

UNLV Community Spotlight: Nevadans for Palestinian Human Rights

This episode's special guest host Natalie joins Renee to chat with a local Southern Nevada Organization NPHR (Nevadans for Palestinian Human Rights). Guests Michael Arage and Annelise Friedman provide our listeners with useful resources and information to better educate ourselves on the Palestinian fight. NPHR hosts a number of community events to debunk common misconceptions and bring awareness to the issues facing the Palestinian community. Tune in and become an advocate for Palestinian Human Rights. Instagram: @nphr_human_rights

UNLV Controller

Host Keith is joined by Chris Viton, the Controller for UNLV’s Financial Services Department. Chris Addressed common misconceptions surrounding the Controller position within Financial Services. Tune in to get a better understanding of what the Controller does for UNLV. Find out how the Controller role keeps UNLV in compliance as well as the implementation of Workday.

Why you Should Visit the Career Center

This episode host Keith is joined by UNLV’s Eileen Mcgarry Executive Director of Career Services and the Social Media Ambassador Mark Chislom. Together, Eileen and Mark explain how impactful utilizing the career center can be to students and Alumni. The group discusses social media resources, the 6 Competencies, and soft skills needed for a successful career. Get involved with the career center today for interview tips, networking events, resume building and more!

The Library’s there for You

Let’s Talk Delta Variant

This episode hosts Keith and Renee are joined by UNLV’s professor Brian Labus, Public and Environmental Health specialist. Dr. Labus breaks down the Delta Variant and explains how we can better protect ourselves from the spread. Dr. Labus also provides some insight into what the future might look like. Could events return to normal? What will the spring Semester look like? How are students here at UNLV contributing to Nevada's public health and safety in a huge way? Tune in to learn all this and more!

Trauma and Diverse Populations

This episode hosts Keith and Renee (or hosts Dr. Rogers and Dr. Watson) are joined by UNLV’s Director of Social Work, Dr. Carlton Craig an experienced Social Worker, Professor and Trauma therapist. This episode provides an overview of Trauma, the effects of trauma on children and families in diverse/low income communities, trauma in relation to the pandemic, useful methods for healing trauma and a good ole Small Town showdown!


Dr. Watson and Dr. Rogers speak to the executive director of student involvement and activities and a doctoral candidate about a justice impact project, Rebound.

Consolidated Students of UNLV

Dr. Watson and Dr. Watson talk to the newly elected student government President and Vice President about their new roles.

Student Life

Our hosts Dr. Watson and Dr. Rogers discuss the newly rebranded Student Life segment of campus.

UNLV School of Nursing

Our hosts chat with Dean Angela Amar about the UNLV School of Nursing

UNLV Faculty Senate Chair

Our hosts speak with Dr. Vicki Rosser about the UNLV Faculty Senate

Spring Commencement

Our hosts speak with faculty and students about UNLV's in-person Spring Commencement

Undergraduate Education

Our hosts talk with the Dr. Laura Pritchard, the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education.

Online Education

Our hosts speak with Dr. Nicole Hudson the Associate Director of Campus relations.

Love around the world

Our hosts are back to speak with Dr. William Jankoviak about love in societies around the world.


Our hosts are back to talk about DACA and it's effects on UNLV students.

Let's Talk Memory Lane

On today's episode, our hosts get nostalgic. They, along with our editor Ray Fletcher, go into the journey of the Let's Talk UNLV Podcast from its inception to what they see happening in the future.

Redefining Masculinity

And we're back with another week of dynamic student guests. Our hosts meet with Nour Benjelloun of the Men of Color Alliance to talk about the student organization and its initiatives, goals, and programmatic efforts.

Removing Barriers

Our hosts sit with Ava, Kristine, and Keishmer from the Minority Serving Institution Student Council. Though they have different majors/coursework they are all working to help progress UNLV to being more than just the face of diversity.

Rise and Revolution

Teaching diversity in a unique space. Our hosts speak with Dr. Kendra Gage. Listen as our hosts and Dr. Gage talk about teaching African American studies and breaking down inequalities, voter suppression and so much more.

Hard work but it's Heart work

Our hosts get deep with Dr. Kevin Wright on today's episode. They delve into the Student Diversity & Social Justice department and how they have been working on bettering the experience for students at UNLV. Also how UNLV can help to support students from many identity groups.

The Movers and The Shakers Pt. 2

Our hosts continue having the important conversations, this time joined by Dr. Roberta Sabbath, Dr. William Sousa and law student Sebastian Ross. They spend time talking about subjects such as the rich black history in the valley to gentrification to community policing. Don't forget to check out the Hate Uncycled series!

The Movers and The Shakers. Pt.1

Our hosts spend time talking with Dr. Roberta Sabbath, Jose Melendrez, Magaret Campe, and Romeo jackson to speak about the four part Hate Uncycled series. The conversation gets pretty deep into social justice topics such as racial injustice, homelessness, and so much more. This is one conversation you don't want to miss!

Finding a Place to Park at UNLV

"That's a loaded question!" Our hosts have a chat with Tad McDowell of Business Affairs and Parking and Transportation and Michael Lawrence of Administration and Business Affairs to discuss the biggest campus issue. Yes. You guessed it. PARKING! Enforcement, grace periods, safety measures, projects and much much more. Sit back and enjoy the show, but don't forget your parking pass!

Behind the Scenes at Aramark

Ep 25 - " Please wear your masks, Please take your trash!" Today our hosts interview Collis Everson and Wade Noon from Aramark. They talk about everything from best cereals in the dining commons to what it's like providing food service on a campus in the hospitality capital of the United States. A truly eye opening look into the behind the scenes world of Aramark and the work they do.